Ann's Munchies Raised More Than 1,200 Pounds

The weather was unpredictable but was kind for the whole duration of the event.
Ann and her troop of helpers arrived before kick-off and prepared the scene. Every detail was covered including port-a-loos and play things for the young at heart.
Those that made the trip were more than generous. Not only did they support the raffle but there were also several instances of people paying over the odds for their entrance fee.
There was also much generosity of spirit. Everyone was surprised and impressed by the quality of the cuisine - ooh, those sausages!
The children had time for fun and frolics in the grounds and the experienced heads had time to meet new faces and share relevant experiences.
By the time the dust had settled Ann's Munchies had raised 1,237 pounds. An excellent achievement and OOSO is, of course, extremely grateful.
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