Our Current Plans and Objectives

OOSO Goals for 2017-2018
  1. Support patients and carers
    Hold quarterly OOSO Meetings at the Churchill
    Hold weekly OOSO clinics on the upper GI ward
    Maintain our team of trained ‘counsellors’
    Circulate a regular e-newsletter
    Establish a support sub-group in the Swindon area
    Hold a Summer Lunch event
    Keep the website refreshed
    Build a small range of products for OOSO’s online shop
    Work with the Upper GI team on the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery project (ERAS)

  2. Raise funds to sustain OOSO and invest in the Upper GI ward
    By 31 Mar 2018 aim to raise £30k
    By 31 Mar 2018 maintain a £30k balance to ‘invest’ in the Upper GI ward
    Raise the profile of OOSO
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