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We hold quarterly meetings. The meetings are held in Meeting Rooms 1 and 2, Level 2, Cancer and Haematology Centre, Churchill Hospital.

Enter the Churchill Hospital through the main entrance (passing the shops), take the lift to the second floor. As you exit the lift immediately turn left then turn left at the first corridor and then the second left down another corridor and on to the sign to meeting rooms 1 and 2. You will come across people gathering and will be asked for your name to put on a name tag.

All of our meetings are attended by members of our clinical team – Surgeons, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Dieticians, Physiotherapists, etc. and all information exchanged is completely confidential and transparent. We sometimes are fortunate enough to have specialist guest speakers.

We hold an annual summer luncheon usually in June of each year.

Please see our News and Events pages for more information.

June 2014

At the OOSO meeting held on Saturday July 14th, we were privileged to have as our guest speaker, Dr Martin Chriestlieb. He is the Public Engagement Manager at the Gray Institute, now part of the University Department of Oncology and he has BA's in Natural Sciences and the PhD in chemistry. Martin's address was really demonstrating how to communicate CANCER. Being such a taboo topic too many people don't listen to, let alone hear, what is being said on the subject. So the board games that he has developed were a revolution. He puts people into groups representing a control group, clean living people, rock-'n-rollers, lucky and unlucky people, really succeeded in getting the message across to our group. He's a star for finding such a novel communication medium. We very much look forward to having as our guest again.

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April 2012

OOSO meeting 21st April, 2012 when Sue Long and Kate Burnham from the Maggie’s Centre gave us some background information on their Centres and how they are working together with OOSO for the betterment of our patients.

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