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Examples of orally taken liquid foods:

                   •  Water, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, fruit juices and whole fat milk shakes
                   •  Full fat milk, cream, sugar, honey or syrup added to hot beverages
                   •  As discussed with your dietician: 'Build-Up', 'Complan' or 'Recovery' drinks and
                       nutritional supplements available from chemists/supermarkets or online
                   •  Beer, wine in moderation, strictly depending on medications (again take advice)
                   •  Protein powders, milk powder or liquid or powdered egg whites added to custards, and
                   •  Liquidised then strained meats - consommé
                   •  Cream or butter added to strained soups – vegetable, chicken, tomato, onion
                   •  Jelly, ice cream, sorbets - carefully reduced in the mouth with sips of water

               Examples of pureed foods:
                   •  Pureed cauliflower cheese - well cooked, with garlic and or spices
                   •  Pureed macaroni cheese
                   •  Puree avocado, chicken & potato – blended or in separate portions
                   •  Puree skinless fish fillet, with puree peas and puree mash potato in separate portions
                   •  Smoothly pureed soups of any flavour
                   •  Guacamole, cheese dips, taramasalata
                   •  Yogurts, chocolate mousse, Gu!
                   •  Pureed trifle with extra cream and full fat custard, egg custard puddings
                   •  Tiramisu, creamed rice pudding with extra cream, honey or syrup
                   •  Pureed fruit shakes and ice cream chocolate sundaes (no nuts)

               Examples of soft ‘fork mashable’ foods:

                   •  Soft scrambled egg (added butter/cream) with finely chopped smoked salmon, sea salt
                   •  Oat cereal breakfast with whole fat milk and soft fruit – banana, blueberries
                   •  Brown whole meal, whole grain crisply toasted, crusts removed, plenty of butter, jam
                   •  Blended crispy bacon Spanish omelette or the many other omelette variations
                   •  Soups with cream, fresh herbs, whole meal fried croutons topped with grated cheese
                   •  Steamed skinless fish fillet with mashed potato and softly cooked vegetables
                   •  Finley chopped chicken mixed with avocado and mash potato
                   •  Trifle with extra cream and full fat custard
                   •  Bread and butter pudding with extra cream or ice cream

               Whist we don’t recommend any one ‘ready meal’ provider, here are some options: ‘Wiltshire Farm
               Foods’ offer a range of online pureed ready meals that many patients try and get on with; ‘Iceland’
               in the high street sell inexpensive soft ready meal options, such as cottage pie, fish pie and lasagne,
               as do the online ‘Parsley Box’.

               Once your treatment plan has been completed, whether it entailed Chemotherapy and or
               Radiotherapy, with or without surgery, your ability to eat and swallow foods should have improved,
               enabling you to eat more normally again.  However, the transition back to ‘normal’ foods varies for
               every individual.
               If you wish to read on, please click here (or as a PDF) to move to the next section “Section 2: Post
               treatment, surgery and recovery – the first year.”
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