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               Matt Carter’s Storey

               these effects, though I rarely get this            The pathology results that were fed back
               problem now.                                       soon after the operation were reassuring.
                                                                  The surgeon removed the whole tumour
               It's important not to lift anything too heavy.
               For me, a kettle at first was enough and even      including two cancerous lymph nodes
               now I don't lift more than a small travel case     leaving no apparent cancer cells behind.
               or a light weight bag of shopping. Twisting        The risk of the cancer reoccurring is low for
               is a real problem for me, causing acute pain       me which is truly great. However, cancer of
               around my scar so I avoid any sudden               the oesophagus is known to be aggressive
               movement or unnecessary strain. The to and         and anything yet could happen. For that
               fro' movement of hoovering or mowing a             reason, though we still plan for the long term
               lawn can be awkward so don't attempt too           we very much live for the day.
               much too quickly. Digging in the garden is a       My overall quality of life is good although
               definite 'no no' for me.
                                                                  quite different to what it was. Recovery has
               My scar has healed incredibly well and has         been slow but sure, feeling increasingly
               almost disappeared, yet I still get pains          better by the month, and two years on I feel
               around my ribs where the nerve endings             extremely fortunate to have had a second
               have been cut, though it's rarely a concern.       chance. The most important things are to
                                                                  stay positive and enjoy life.
               I came off strong painkillers within a month
               of returning home but still keep prescription      I hope you find these experiences helpful in
               soluble cocodomol for occasional bad days.         some small way and thank you for taking the
               It's important to visit your GP and keep in        time to read my story.
               touch should you need anything. Recently, I

               started quarterly B12 injections at my local
               surgery to help boost energy levels, and I
               take a daily Centrum 'performance'
               multivitamin tablet high in iron and B

               Sleeping has been fairly easy using three or
               four pillows to prop me up. This helps
               reduce reflux during the night, as does not
               eating three hours before bedtime. Sleeping
               on my right side seems to cause reflux so I
               tend to sleep on my back and left side now
               the scar is less painful.

               My mobility has improved with regular short
               walks but I still struggle to cycle or swim as
               I used to, though I'm sure with determination
               and practice things will improve.
               We're not so bothered about travelling these
               days. Being with family and friends is the
               most important thing. Even so, we have been
               abroad to the States, Iceland, Norway and
               Ireland, and travel insurance hasn't been a
               problem. 'Insure and Go' give us a normal
               family deal so long as our GP has it on
               record that I'm fit to travel and nothing has

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