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If you feel you would like to support           Our services are available free of
                  the Oxfordshire Oesophageal and                 charge to people who have had
                  Stomach Organisation (OOSO),                    either an oesophagectomy or
                  please visit our website,                       gastrectomy, their families and
         or tick below and               friends.
                  return this form to us at:
                                                                  To make a donation online to support
                                                                  our work please visit

                          Walled Cottage
                           Thame Road                             This form allows you to make a
                           Great Milton                           donation by post.
                            OX44 7NU                               I would like to donate  £

                  : Membership of OOSO                            Please enclose a cheque made
                                                                  payable to OOSO. (Please see
                  : Making regular donations                      address in first column.)

                  : Making a donation via Enthuse                 Signature:_____________________

                  : Giving via my payroll (Give As You            Date:_________________________
                  : Fundraising for OOSO
                  : How my company can help

                  : Leaving a gift in my will
                  Please complete your name and
                  address alongside.                              Gift Aid
                                                                  I am a UK taxpayer and would like
                                                                  OOSO to treat this and any future
                                                                  donations as eligible for tax relief
                                                                  under the Gift Aid scheme.           :

                                                                  To qualify for Gift Aid, you must pay
                                                                  UK income tax and/or capital gains
                                                                  tax at least equal to the tax that the
                                                                  charity claims on your donations in
                                                                  the appropriate tax year. Tax year is
                                                                  6 April one year to 5 April the next.

                                                                  I do not require an acknowledgement
                                                                  of my donation.                      :
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