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               Radiologist                A doctor who specialises in reading X-rays and scans
                                          and carries out scans and other X-ray techniques.
               Squamous                   Consisting of a single layer of plate-like cells. A covering
                                          resembling scales.
               Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC)
                                          Squamous cell carcinoma usually occurs higher up in
                                          the oesophagus than adenocarcinoma.
               Staging                    The extent of a cancer in the body. Staging is usually
                                          based on the size of the tumour, whether lymph nodes
                                          contain cancer, and whether the cancer has spread from
                                          the original site to other parts of the body. Each cancer
                                          type has its own staging, often from 0 to 4 or A to D.
               Surgeons                   Doctors who perform operations and other surgical
                                          procedures (including biopsies) to diagnose and treat
                                          cancer. There are many different kinds of surgeon and
                                          they have different areas of interest or expertise. They
                                          may specialise in a type of cancer, such as oesophageal
                                          or gastric cancer, or in operating on a particular part of
                                          the body. Sometimes several surgeons work together.
               Thoracotomy                An operation to open the chest.
               Tumour                     A growth or enlargement that causes a swelling. It is
                                          also called a neoplasm. A tumour can be localised or
                                          spreading, harmless or cancerous. It is named after its
                                          location, or its cellular make-up or for the person who
                                          identified it.
               Tylosis                    A very rare skin disorder which is associated with
                                          oesophageal cancer.
               Upper gastrointestinal  The upper part of the digestive system, including the
                                          oesophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas, gall bladder and
                                          bile ducts. Often shortened to Upper GI.
               Ultrasound                 Scan using sound waves to build up a picture of the
                                          inside of the body. The resulting picture of body tissues
                                          is called a sonogram.

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