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Presentation by Kenneth Muller

         treatment. Being faced with the necessity to select one   We all tread the same road of utter shock, bewilderment,
         out of two very different oncology options on offer, is an   or abject helplessness, on learning of our specific
         important case in point.                               diagnosis. Subsequently, our individual journey entailing
                                                                either palliative care, pre- and post-operative treatment,
         Tip two
                                                                as well as a wide variance in the actual extent of each
         On being discharged from hospital at the end of February   surgical procedure, leaves us with a myriad array of
         2015, Sheila and I immediately discovered that we would   fervently optimistic expectations, wildly frustrating
         have to work determinedly to get suitable levels of care   unknowns, and sometimes shattering disappointment.
         support and local monitoring through our GP’s surgery   The common bonding factor this morning for this OOSO
         and by the District Nurses. We experienced several     quarterly meeting is that we are able and willing to
         anxious and frustrating disconnects. After only a couple of   convene together to support one another to keep
         weeks back home, I was compelled to request a transfer   progressing positively forward. Of course, this common
         of registration to another GP within the Practice, who   bond which we share would not be possible to realise if
         would provide a more empathetic and holistic approach   there was not such a dedicated team based at the
         to my needs for post-operative follow up treatment     Churchill, constantly delivering the most proficient level of
         locally.                                               professional medical care and support.
         Before my first three months post-op consultation at the
         Churchill, I had to push very hard to get the GP’s surgery
                                                                                                   Kenneth Muller
         to authorise regular full blood count tests. My immune                                    11  June 2016
         system, since chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery
         had taken a real bashing, particularly relating to neutrafils
         and white blood cells results. I had been critically
         neutropenic between chemotherapy and surgery and I
         remain at the very bottom of both of those listed ranges
         to this day.
         During recent months, we know of other acquaintances
         and friends who have been going through similar periods
         of ordeals, following Upper GI surgery. My firm advice is
         to push relentlessly from the outset at your local GP’s
         surgery for them to seamlessly complement the excellent
         effort expended by the Churchill Team, on our behalf.


         I want to conclude this presentation on a hopefully
         beneficial positive note. It is now almost 21 months since
         my diagnosis and about 16 months since my surgery. The
         long-term prognosis for me from the Churchill Team is
         encouraging. I have had several holidays, since my
         surgery, some of them abroad, including sailing across the
         Channel to France during the last ten days.
          I have done a lot of walking, including several Marlow to
          Henley Thames Path treks, each comprising about 9 miles.
         Increasingly, I can do more outside to assist Sheila with
         our two acres of garden and woodland. I do have to take
         care of myself by not physically overdoing it. All that said,
         I have my life back under my control, almost back to
         normal routines, but with a few obviously necessary
         lifestyle changes. And finally, whilst concluding this
         presentation with an upbeat tone, it is beholden of me to
         set some sort of balance in outlining the respective levels
         of progress that each of us individually experience before
         and after our pre- and post-operative treatment.
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