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                  The art of eating
                  Following an oesophagectomy or gastrectomy, it is important that you change
                  your eating habits of a lifetime. Rather than having three large meals per day, you
                  need to eat at least SIX times per day; three small main meals interspersed with
                  nourishing snacks.

                  It is important to remember to drink between meals so that you are able to eat
                  food at mealtimes.

                  If the smell of cooking makes you feel sick, use convenience foods –
                  supermarkets have a range of frozen, chilled or packet ready meals and home
                  delivered frozen meals are also available. You won't need to rely on these
                  sources of foods for any great length of time. Alternatively ask friends and family
                  to cook at their houses and bring cooked food to you.

                  Another way to avoid eating difficulties is to cook enough food for two meals and
                  freeze one for a different day.

                  Following are some meal ideas for when you have progressed beyond a soft and
                  bite sized diet.

                      •  Instead of plain egg and bacon, fry the egg and add a slice of buttered
                      •  Stewed fruit with full fat yoghurt.
                      •  Muffin or crumpet with butter.
                      •  Full fat yoghurt with nuts, seeds and dried fruit.
                      •  Ready Brek or Weetabix with fortified milk* and a sprinkle of sugar.
                      •  Porridge with fortified milk and added sugar or honey.
                         * fortified milk is full cream milk or semi-skinned milk with 4 tablespoons of
                         skimmed milk powder added.

                  Try having one of the following with your mid-morning cup of coffee or tea:
                  biscuits; a slice of your favourite cake; a couple of squares of your favourite
                  chocolate; fromage frais, full fat yoghurt, milky pudding or plain custard. Or for
                  those of you with a more savoury tooth, try having crackers and cheese; bread
                  sticks and a protein based dip, such as hummus, ideally try to eat something that
                  provides you with protein such as crackers with pate or cheese rather than just
                  biscuits or cake.

                      •  Jacket potatoes mash the centre of the potato with extra butter and add a
                         filling such as, cheese, baked beans, chicken or tuna and mayonnaise or
                         tinned oily fish.
                      •  Beans or cheese on toast or tinned, oily fish on toast.

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