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                   •  Steamed fish with vegetables, remembering to add butter to the vegetables
                       (if you feel you have enough capacity for vegetables). Speak to your
                       Dietitian if you are unsure.
                   •  Your choice of soup with added cream or cheese.

               Experiment with a variety of fresh or stewed fruit, well chopped, served with either
               custard, cream, yoghurt or ice cream.

               Wherever possible and when suitable, serve the main meal with a sauce or gravy.

                   •  Pasta with a sauce – bolognese, cheese, tomato, macaroni cheese or
                       lasagne with a side salad with added dressing.
                   •  Moussaka.
                   •  Grilled fish (with a sauce – cheese, parsley, white) and buttered vegetables
                       or rice.
                   •  Chicken (either thinly sliced or casseroled) with roast potatoes and buttered
                   •  Shepherds or cottage pie with buttered vegetables.

               Adding nourishment to your meals
                   •  Use full cream milk/cream in drinks, foods and cooking.
                   •  Add extra butter or an olive spread to vegetables and crackers.
                   •  Add extra cheese to potatoes, soups, scrambled egg or omelettes.
                   •  Add sauces to vegetables and fish.

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