Oxfordshire Oesophageal and Stomach Organisation

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Change Log

A record of revisions to the web pages in the web site
12 Aug 2020
Add shortcuts to the Home Page that point to the Sign-Up Form and the Donations Page.
30 Jul 2020
Move Ady Bullock's sponsored darts match to 2021 - it was postponed because of Covid-19.
20 Jul 2020
Add a copy of the email announcing that Jackie has stepped aside.
25 Apr 2020
Add a Fundraising Menu and a Donations page
06 Apr 2020
Remove the Summer Lunch and next OOSO Meeting from the schedule of events
01 Apr 2020
Add a copy of the Amazon Smile email to the oldnews page
29 Mar 2020
Add a message to the campign calendar to say the selected date is in the future 
06 Mar 2020
Remove the OOSO Meeting planned for 14 March. It was cancelled because of the Coronavirus.
17 Feb 2020
Add the Cancer Reseach "Relay for Life" to the Events Page
04 Feb 2020
Update the speaker at the next OOSO Meeting
23 Jan 2020
Extend the list of Past Newsletters
20 Jan 2020
Add a campaign for the Ryan Bull Charity Darts Match
17 Jan 2020
Update the Events Page to include the Charity Darts Match in honour of Ryan Bull
14 Jan 2020
Add a link to Google Analytics on the Cookie Policy
13 Jan 2020
Add a reference to the Campaigns Page on the Schedule of Events
31 Dec 2019
Add the 2020 OOSO Meetings to the Schedule of Events
15 Dec 2019
Add the OOSO Meeting held 07 Dec 2019 to the 2019 Events Page
15 Dec 2019
Add Eileen Naughton's run in the 2019 London Marathon to the 2019 Events Page
05 Dec 2019
Add a link to the NOGCA Report on the 2019 Events Page
04 Dec 2019
Extend the Patient Information page on the web site to include advice from MailChimp about how to ensure the OOSO Newsletter is not diverted to the spam folder.
04 Nov 2019
Revise the OOSO Home Page to get the daily picture to refresh automatically on change of day
30 Oct 2019
Improve the ability of search engine robots to read the web site.
Improve the legibility of the promotional message of the web site's Home Page