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Clinical Trials in Oesophagus and gastric Cancer

Clinical trials are an important aspect of the work that Oncologists and Surgeons perform on a daily basis. Quite often the research involves testing out new drug treatments either used on their own or used with more established drug treatments or radiotherapy in patients with oesophageal and gastric cancer. This is vital work if we are to improve the number of patients being cured of their cancer or living longer with it. The research is often combined with having surgery for cancer.

The hospitals in the Thames Valley Region have a variety of research projects led by their local Oncologist. The clinical trials are usually run by the Late Phase Trials units. The trials are usually at the stage of making a difference in changing treatment for patients in the future and are often ‘randomised’ meaning they compare a new drug or combination of new and old drugs and test which one is better. Patients or their doctor cannot choose what is selected for them. These trials are the final testing phase of new treatments and if a new treatment is found to be better will lead to a change in how we treat all our patients with oesophageal and gastric cancer.
In Oxford in addition to the Late Phase Trials unit the research team has a major interest in developing new drugs and testing them out for the first time. This work is being led by the Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre. These trials are aimed at recording side effects of new drugs and how they work and are often called ‘Early Phase Trials’.

The table below lists the trials that are open in the hospitals in the Thames Valley region. Please be sure to ask your Oncologist or Surgeon if there is a trial open for you!

For information explaining about clinical trials in more detail click here.

Trial Name
Description of the Trial
Neoadjuvant means chemotherapy before surgery
Oesophageal cancer
Chemotherapy or chemotherapy and radiotherapy before surgery
Oesophageal cancer
Chemotherapy plus new drug before surgery
Stomach cancer
Chemotherapy and new drug before surgery
Adjuvant means treatment after surgery
Add Aspirin
Aspirin taken after surgery
Advanced means inoperable cancer
Maintenance drug treatment after initial chemotherapy
Chemotherapy in older and less well patients

Correct as of January 2016