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Where is Your Nearest Neighbour?
In order to enable patients to share their experiences we have created a map of Post Codes.

However, we are aware that some people do not wish to be involved "at this time".

For this reason we ask that in the first instance you contact us. We will then approach your "neighbour" to confirm that they wish to be involved.

In this way we can protect people's privacy while helping to build a greater sense of community.

To view the map of Post Codes please click here.

Need a Fund Raising Page?
If you're planning an event to raise funds for OOSO, please get in touch and we'll give you a helping hand.

We'll create a fund-raising page just for you.

You'll get full details of who has contributed to your cause and how much has been raised. We'll also create a link to your page from the OOSO web site.

It's so simple. Call or email using the links provided. We'll be pleased to help. 

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