Oxfordshire Oesophageal and Stomach Organisation

What We Do

Our Aims and Activities
  1. We provide support and information to new and recovering patients, carers, family and friends who wish to contact us.
  2. We maintain a network of current and former patients through our website, regular e-newsletter, support group zoom sessions and social events such as monthly café catch ups, summer lunch and annual BBQ.
  3. We maintain strong links with leading clinicians at the Churchill Hospital, including Special Nurses, Consultant Surgeons and Oncologists, Dieticians and Physiotherapists, who actively support our charity and welcome feedback from us.
  4. We have a help line which is open between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, seven days a week, manned by former patients, for patients and carers to seek help or just talk.
  5. If asked by a Special Nurse, we can arrange patient and carer visits on the wards or at home, or arrange zoom chats or phone calls.
  6. Fund raising is an important and integral part of our activities, for additional programmes the hospital team wish to embark on or for any additional equipment that could help the recovery of patients both in hospital and at home.
  7. We take an active role in local and national cancer groups and forums inputting to new initiatives from a patient's perspective.