Oxfordshire Oesophageal and Stomach Organisation

Events 2014

July 2014OOSO was chosen to be entered in the Waitrose Community Matters scheme in May in three branches of Waitrose. The photo shows Claire Symonds (left) and Jackie Beaumont holding two of the three cheques for the donations selected by customers of Waitrose.
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July 2014At the OOSO meeting held on Saturday July 14th, we were privileged to have as our guest speaker, Dr Martin Chriestlieb. He is the Public Engagement Manager at the Gray Institute, now part of the University Department of Oncology and he has a BA in Natural Sciences and a PhD in Chemistry. Martin's address was really demonstrating how to communicate CANCER. Being such a taboo topic too many people don't listen to, let alone hear, what is being said on the subject. So the board games that he has developed were a revolution. He puts people into groups; a control group, clean living people, rock-'n-rollers, lucky and unlucky people. He really succeeded in getting the message across to our members. He's a star for finding such a novel communication medium. We very much look forward to having him as our guest again.
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