Oxfordshire Oesophageal and Stomach Organisation

To Help Others - Please Donate


Our 'Patient First' services cost on average £8,000 per annum to maintain.

Your very kind donation will help ensure that our Charity continues to support many hundreds of people each year.

The services that we provide include the items listed below. 

  • a 7-day a week help line
  • this website that provides a wealth of information on related topics
  • an active network of past patients that connects new patients and their carers with previous survivors of cancer, and that keeps us all in contact with the clinical team at the hospital
  • a newsletter that is emailed approximately twice each month
  • when permitted, face-to-face meetings that enable people to have full and frank discussions
  • participation in clinical projects that have direct benefits to patients
  • a series of social events that raise awareness of our cancers

Each year OOSO has certain operating costs but more significantly is committed to providing support to the Upper GI Ward at The Churchill Hospital in Oxford.

Over the years OOSO has delivered a variety of items to the ward. Some have taken a while to gather the funds - for example exercise bicycles and electrically adjusted chairs. Others have been less expensive but none the less welcome; like fans to ease the hot summer days plus a microwave and refrigerator to provide an alternative to standard hospital meals.OOSO has some basic programmes in place to help fund its activities but extra help is always welcome.

If you too would like to raise money for the cause there are three ways to proceed.

-> Just Give
-> Give as You Buy
-> Volunteer

OOSO has a crowd funding page to raise money for the projects that have been identified by the medical team at the Churchill Hospital.

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Leave a Legacy to OOSO in Your Will
If you are considering making OOSO a benificiary in your Will you can find some advice by clicking here.
Just Give
Give As You Buy
Some people are generous enough to hand over cash. If that is your choice you can get HMRC to assist by using the donate button below and confirming that your donation qualifies for Gift Aid.

The government then adds a percentage to your donation.

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There are several web sites that provide this service. One is illustrated below. All you have to do is sign up with the web site and then, when you choose to buy on-line, you first login to the site and then click through to your preferred on-line store. Result? A percentage of your purchase value is donated to your chosen charity at no cost to you.

Hint: we usually visit the store first to choose our product and then go back and start our login with "Give As You Live".

Shop with your favourite stores and a donation will be made to OOSO without costing you a penny extra.

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Over the years there have been many runners and riders who have been sponsored to do some spectacular things on behalf of OOSO.

Now we can help you to get sponsored. Through Charity Checkout we can create a sponsorship page for your event. Then, just send your friends a link to your page and watch the contributions grow.

You'll get regular updates about who has sponsored you and you'll only pay Charity Checkout 1% of the donations raised (rather than the 15% charged by the bigger boys).

Click here to email us for advice or if you have an idea for a campaign.

If you'd prefer a DIY option you can kick start some ideas by clicking here.