Oxfordshire Oesophageal and Stomach Organisation

Auction of Treasures

How You Can Help Others
The Event Some months ago Matt and Doreen Carter circulated a request for auctionable items in support of OOSO and many of you very kindly came forward with numerous homely donations.

In particular, thanks go to Ray and Judith, Bob and Vanda, Julia, Sue and Belinda not to mention many others.

They took their treasure chest to Aldridge's of Bath, having a decent track record for sales, a room full of buyers and a much reduced rate negotiated by Matt.

Matt was pleased to report that all of the lots were sold, netting after fees a total of £194. We'd really like to thank all those involved again for supporting OOSO.

This is an imaginative illustration of how a simple idea, when implemented, can fund OOSO and so help other patients and carers through their turbulent times.
Options for Your Event BBQ - organise a summer BBQ

Car Washing - get the children involved

Garage Sale - sell off unwanted items

Movie Night - evening for the adults, afternoon for the children

Quiz Night - either at home, or your local hostelry

Vinyl Night - donate old records and buy others

Wine Tasting - use a professional or, just have fun